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    2015 BMW X3 Crosses Over into Diesel Territory

    The BMW X3 luxury crossover series has been making the family vehicle classier since its debut in 2004, and the 2015 model year is no different, with sleek styling, powerful performance and fantastic features -- well, it's a little different. The makeover is mostly an aesthetic one, focusing on the front end and polishing some of the cabin.

    The biggest addition this year isn't inside one of the existing models but the introduction of?

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    BMW X6 Provides Drivers with Huge Versatility

    There truly is a model for everyone within the BMW new model lineup, but for the driver who wants the best of everything, perhaps the BMW X6 is the one for you. We say this because the model is classified by our automaker as a Sports Activity Coupe, meaning that the model provides the ruggedness and capability of a Sport Activity model, but also the sporty handling of a coupe model. Some highlights on the…

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    2014 BMW X6 Model Detailed in Amazing New Video

    There are a ton of amazing models found within the 2014 BMW new model lineup available here at BMW of Monterey in Seaside, CA, but for the driver who craves a mdoel which combines the best aspects of both coupe body type models and their larger Sports Activity Vehicle models, there is a clear cut choice, and that is the all new, innovatively unique BMW X6 model. With a large, impressive presence highlighted by a…

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    BMW Continues to Produce Aerodynamic and Efficient Vehicles

    The design process of a new BMW vehicle is quite exciting, especially now that the automaker's Efficient Dynamics development strategy has been in full swing for 10 years now. This allows engineers to continue bringing efficiency to a whole new level.

    To help you learn more about these developments, we've attached the video below that takes us behind the scenes. One of the vehicles this process was applied is the all-electric BMW i3…

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    Erin Crocker Gives BMW i3 Safety Tips From the Track

    Regardless of the driving conditions you're in, there are plenty of ways that you can mitigate your car's drive train and weight in order to stay safe on the road. In the video we're going to share with you today, racing champion Erin Crocker takes a new EV owner out to the track to show him to stay safe in his new BMW i3.

    She explains how the vehicle's weight (whether…

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    Video: Details Emerge on New BMW i8 Model

    While it could be said that every single one of the models found within the 2014 BMW new model lineup available here at BMW of Monterey in Seaside, CA are hugely advanced in their engineering, the all-new BMW i8 model truly takes that engineering to the next level with its new powertrain. The powertrain within the i8 is so new and revolutionary not only because it is a hybrid but also because of the construction…

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    The BMW i3: Gearless, Seamless

    You can't put a price on an exciting driving experience, especially when you're excited all over again every single time you get behind the wheel. However, when it comes to driving joy, we here at BMW of Monterey would wage that the 2014 i3 is high on the list. As an all-electric, it also boasts the additional aspect of being gearless; this means that acceleration is smooth and flawless, a constant pull from…

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    New Video Emerges on 2014 BMW X4 Model

    Huge news to report here today at BMW of Monterey in Seaside, CA as a completely new, never before seen model is set to join our always excellent 2014 BMW new model lineup. That new model is the BMW X4 model, which is a completely new and unique specimen for BMW, combining all of the best features of both their sedan models, and their larger SAV models, providing a truly best of both worlds driving…

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    The New BMW Active Tourer Debuts in Geneva

    The BMW brand is branching out, which is good because not everyone who wants luxury lives the exact same lifestyle. With the new electric cars the company is garnering attention from city drivers. This time BMW is going after young families with the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, and at BMW of Monterey we are excited to see new faces coming to our side.

    It's a front wheel drive minivan (unheard of in the halls of Germany luxury), and it will carry up to 5 people (a 7 seater is in the future, so no worries if you have a…

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    Get your first look at the BMW i3

    As excited as we are for the BMW i8 to makes its way to our dealership, it's not the only EV that we've got on our sights on these days. In case you haven't heard, the BMW i3 will also be joining the ranks of our lineup. Needless to say, the future has never looked greener to us here at BMW of Monterey.

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